Have you ever contemplated the question, "what do I want to do with the rest of my life?

You have dreams, right?  Maybe your life does not unfold the way you thought it would. Then what?  After years in the corporate world, my inherited entrepreneurial spirit had blossomed.  And after a jolt in my life, I pondered what my gifts and calling were, and I took a headfirst dive into what I love, healthy eating and exercise, and built my own business.

In 2004 I launched, The Give Me Five Program, the culmination of 6 years of Graduate Research, two M.S. degrees, my Thesis, and my B.S. in Marketing from The University of Southern California.

The story has more to it; I'll share with you that every day I say, "wow, how blessed I am!  I love what it is I do!"

And what is that? I touch people's lives and help them to tap into their intrinsic motivation. 


How?  My work is based on Albert Bandura's theory of self-efficacy, which is, creating an environment to discover that you have what it takes to achieve what it is you set out to do.

It is a program with proven results, and those I have worked with have shared with me that it is one of the most valuable things they have ever done. And for this I am grateful.  I often say, "it is not me, it is you!"  "I help you find the way to get to where you want to be."


So, one day, ask yourself, "What do I want to do with the rest of my life?"  You just may find magical things happen!